Ann is a warm and dynamic speaker who inspires audiences of all sizes with her interactive seminars and motivational keynote addresses. She draws upon her varied life experiences, including her work as an attorney and leader, coupled with her extensive research in areas of personal growth and development to create presentations for individuals and corporations that are inspiring and practical. Depending on the setting and size of the group, the event will be tailored in length, topic and extent of audience participation.

Ann’s Most Popular Presentation Topics:

  • How to Be a Life Activist
  • Creating Happiness
  • Self-Determination: Choose to Live Life on Your Terms
  • Values-Based Living
  • Wrestling with Your Demons: Strategies for Managing Your Inner Critic


  • The Key to Rewarding Relationships
  • Love is Work!
  • Jekyll & Hyde: Preventing Yourself from Becoming the Person You Hate


  • The Intuitive Leader
  • “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”: How Diversity Can Lead to Success
  • Effective Governance
  • “HELP: It’s Noon & I’m Still in My PJs!”: Time Management Strategies for Home-Based Entrepreneurs

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