Evolving Goddess

Dear Goddess,

Yes, YOU! You are a Goddess. You are a divine being that has the power to create the most beautiful life. Do you know how lovable, loved, and precious you are? Chances are you don’t. Instead, I bet you spend more time focusing on what’s “wrong” with you than what’s amazing about you.

Put an end to the lies that you are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, courageous enough, or lovable enough! Let me guide you on a journey to rediscover who you truly are – a goddess. This is a journey toward greater self-esteem, more self-confidence, better relationships (starting with the one you have with yourself) – really, just about anything your heart desires.

Bottom line, this is about radical self-love. You loving and accepting yourself so much that you won’t tolerate anything less from the world around you. Fall in love with yourself and your world will fall into place.

With love & gratitude from one evolving goddess to another,