It was a very valuable, rewarding experience for me.

Andrea SaathoffThrough sensitive and active listening, Ann guided me in making significant decisions about the direction to take my company. One of my favorite questions that she asked each week was: "What are the opportunities available to me right now?"

This helped me to focus on what is most important -- a challenging task for a busy business person.

Ann employed several tools to help me evaluate my business and to know how to approach especially challenging, ongoing issues.

I was asked to complete a coaching call prep form and submit it before each session. I think that some coaches wing it -- not putting much time and effort into the relationship. Ann used her knowledge and expertise to help me, but also seemed to have really spent preparation time thinking about what I needed, and what would help move me forward.

Not only did she give me excellent guidance, she taught me ways to continue the process when my coaching ended. It was a very valuable, rewarding experience for me.

Entrepreneurs, responsible for company leadership and decision making, will benefit from her insightful and sensitive encouragement and guidance.


Andrea Saathoff, Charlottesville, Virginia,
Albemarle Limousine

Andrea RosenfeldI’m not sure how to describe my work with Ann Thomas because it really does amaze me. I knew I had issues; business and personal, but I didn’t realize how desperately I needed help. I was intrigued with the Life Coach thought and Ann had a warmth and intelligence about her that spoke to me. I was working through or NOT working through some things by myself but it wasn’t until Ann sent me her start-up form to fill in that I realized how much I really needed her guidance. Ann had me list my goals and my procrastinations asked what accomplishments must occur to have a satisfying life and more. Her questions allowed me to sit still and really delve into thoughts that I had little time or was too scared to dwell upon. I had issues regarding my visions of “money” and women who have reached their goals faster than I seemed capable of doing, I had emotional baggage from an early age that kept me from allowing me to “deserve” success and I had lost my artistic vision and confidence (death to an artist).

I looked forward to my weekly phone meetings with Ann although it was difficult to get her my homework page as early as I would have liked, I enjoyed filling it as it gave me a chance to review all that I accomplished during the past week and all that still I needed to do. I was able to tell her what I needed emotionally as well and give us a focus and goal for that week. She gave me the opportunity to pin point any troubles that may have been floating on the surface of my psyche, that I was unable to solve myself. During our talks, her voice remained calm and soothing unless she genuinely gushed in excitement over a new revelation I had or because I was DOING IT; moving forward emotionally and reaching the business goals we had set the week before. One always wants to use their own good feelings of themselves to raise their self-esteem, not rely on outside sources of acknowledgment but it was always wonderful to hear Ann praise my abilities hard work and accomplishments.

Although Ann and I have completed our sessions, her teachings are still with me. She worked with my need to be taught in particular ways to keep the lessons inside of me. I have successfully changed my views about money and other people that were detrimental to moving forward in my business and personally. The weight that was set upon me when we first met has lifted and although the day-to-day stressors will not disappear, the way I handle them is much, much healthier. One of the most important moments for me was when she had me meditate and travel forward in time to “meet” myself ten years older. It was so interesting to see where I was living, my demeanor, my dress and such. I had to ask “myself” a few questions to make it easier for my “current self” to react to situations I was experiencing. I thought that was a very calming experience and will sometimes go back to “visit” myself and ask what I should do or what path I should take.

I’ve left my experience with Ann with a renewed acceptance of my worth and my abilities to affect other people’s lives as well as being able to control defeating thoughts. I have made a bit more money, and am moving forward in my business and artistic goals. With Ann’s help I’ve put plans in place to continue on those paths. Travel takes time and my business and my life is a journey. I am no longer in a rush-rush mode. I realize, thanks to Ann, that my purpose is my own, and my path is my own; no one else’s. I need to, not only travel it, but take the time to enjoy it and view it with my own eyes. I have healthy, reachable goals and I’m no longer trying to be like other people – I have rediscovered myself and my business ideals and am proud of them and who I am.

Andrea Rosenfeld, New Jersey, www.hotroxjewelry.com

Kristy Zadrozny“Before working with Ann I was frustrated and confused in my business and personal life. I felt as if I was banging my head against the wall, making the same decisions over and over again. After working with Ann I had an inner peace for the first time. She showed me how hard I was on myself, she taught me to see the value in the work I am doing and most of all to appreciate myself. Ann gave me clear, easy to use tools to ‘unstick’ myself. The value of my coaching relationship with Ann was priceless, I highly recommend Ann to anyone who feels stuck in the ‘hamster wheel’ this your way out!”

Kristy Zadrozny, New York, www.kristyzadrozny.com

“Ann has a natural instinct for coaching that is truly remarkable- she has a tremendous capacity to be analytical in a genuinely empathetic, non-judgmental way. During every single one of our coaching sessions, she has provided me with fresh insights and invaluable tools that have completely transformed my approach to life’s challenges, and have had a tremendous impact on my everyday life. Just when you think you are stuck- Ann finds a way to help you see the way out! She’s an amazing resource for anyone who is interested in uncovering their strongest, wisest self.”

Lisa Safim, Brooklyn, NY

“My time with Ann has been amazing! She has enlightened me to the notion that all the answers, guidance, and desires I have been searching for are already within me…It is just a matter of investing in myself! Often times we go through the motions of life without purpose. Ann is a proponent for making sure we step back and assess if we are going down our purposed path. I couldn’t have chosen a more dedicated, sincere and genuine coach. My positive outcomes are hers as well!”

Biguita Hernandez, Staten Island, NY

“Ann is fantastic. She spent valuable time prepping for the retreat, by talking to folks in various roles of our organization who were going to participate in the retreat – board, staff, youth group etc. At the day-long retreat, she took us through fun get-to-know-each other and working-styles exercises to revisiting our mission, programming, vision, and to finally coming up with a year-long calendar, with everyone taking ownership of certain tasks. By far, what I appreciated most, is that Ann is an extraordinarily amazing listener, nudging and challenging us along, but never imposing her own sense of what should happen etc.”

Amy Paul, Queens, NY

“Thank you so much for facilitating the Shakti Peer Group strategic planning retreat! We all learnt a lot of new tools which will help us move forward with our work in a positive, efficient and collaborative manner. I thought we accomplished a lot in such a short time because of your help!”

Krittika Ghosh, Queens, NY

“I recently participated in one of Ann Thomas Coaching’s retreats and was tremendously inspired and felt pretty empowered by day’s end. Ann used a variety of exercises designed to help us find important answers for some of our questions about ourselves and we were able to tap into clues about the directions we might chose to take to reach higher levels of happiness in our lives. I would definitely recommend Ann Thomas Coaching to anyone seeking coaching and guidance to a more fulfilled life.”

Donniee Barnes, Plainfield, NJ